Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch

Are you looking to elevate the beauty of your outdoor space while also contributing to the health of your plants and soil? Look no further than Lumberjacks and our premium Eco-Blend Mulch.

Here’s why our locally-sourced mulch is the perfect choice for your landscaping needs.


Local Sourcing for Sustainable Practices

At Lumberjacks TN, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our Eco-Blend Mulch is crafted from trees harvested within a 50-mile radius of our Chattanooga location. We partner with other tree companies in the area, providing a convenient drop-off point for their trees and debris. Our team meticulously sorts through the material, separating large logs from hardwood debris, which is then double-ground to create our signature Eco-Blend Mulch. This process not only reduces waste but also ensures that our mulch is of the highest quality.

Benefits of Using Local Trees

Choosing our Eco-Blend Mulch means you’re not just beautifying your landscape, you’re also enriching it with local nutrients. Unlike mulch from box stores, which may contain unknown materials like shredded pallets or trash wood, our locally-sourced mulch is organic and full of beneficial elements for your garden. Moreover, the heat generated as our mulch sits in-store kills harmful bacteria and pests, leaving you with a product that promotes healthy plant growth without the need for additional barriers or pesticides.

Long-Term Benefits and Cost Savings

While the initial vibrant color of our Eco-Blend Mulch may fade after a year, its value to your soil only increases over time as it breaks down into essential nutrients. Some customers choose to replenish their mulch annually for aesthetic purposes, but it’s not necessary for the health of your garden. Unlike non-local mulch, which may harbor mold and pests as it ages, our mulch continues to enrich your soil, providing long-term benefits and cost savings.

Affordable Pricing and Convenient Options

We understand the diverse needs of our customers, which is why we offer competitive pricing and convenient options for purchasing and delivery. Our Eco-Blend Mulch is currently available for $17 per cubic yard, with a special discount of $2 off per cubic yard when you purchase ten cubic yards or more. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial entity, our mulch is accessible to all. Simply visit our Wooder Recycling Center at 6025 Airways Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37421, where our team will assist you with loading or delivery arrangements. For larger orders exceeding 60 cubic yards, we appreciate a heads-up, but no appointments are necessary for smaller purchases.

Single-Ground Mulch Option

In addition to our Eco-Blend Mulch, we also offer single-ground mulch for those seeking an alternative option. Priced at $10 per cubic yard, our single-ground mulch provides the same quality and benefits as our Eco-Blend variety.


Transform your landscape with Lumberjacks Tree Service Eco-Blend Mulch. With its locally-sourced ingredients, sustainable practices, and long-term benefits, it’s the perfect choice for enhancing the beauty and vitality of your outdoor space. Visit us today or contact our team for more information and experience the difference that our premium mulch can make for your garden.