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At Lumberjacks Tree Service, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape. Our professional mulching and grinding services are designed to protect your plants, improve soil quality, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

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Directions: Insert 6100 Church Road into your preferred GPS, then follow the road to the right where it will dead end into our lot.


Mulch Yard FAQs

Our Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch is made up of trees harvested within 50 miles of our Chattanooga location. We team up with other tree companies in the area and offer a place where they can drop their trees and debris from their projects. From there, the Lumberjacks team will sort through and separate the big logs from the other hardwood debris. We then send the debris into the grinder two times to create a double ground Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch. Finally, we move it from the grinder to our Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch bin to create our eco blend.

The benefits of using local trees to create your Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch are endless. By utilizing the local trees, you’re able to introduce local nutrients back into your garden. When you get mulch from box stores, you don’t know exactly where the mulch is coming from – sometimes it’s not even hardwood at all, but instead just shredded pallets or trash wood.

The short answer is no. The long answer is that when our Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch sits in big piles like we have in-store, it heats up internally and kills all bad bacteria, including pests. After, you’re left with organic material full of local nutrients that will help your garden flourish. There is no need to put a weed barrier down or to spray for pests.

The color of our Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch will start fading after a year, then will break down and become more nutrients available for your soil. Some people do add another layer of new Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch to their flower beds each year for the sake of having a vibrant-colored mulch, but it’s not necessary. When our Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch breaks down, it turns into nutrients. When other non-local mulch gets old, it doesn’t fully break down and instead begins to mold and/or introduce pests to your garden.

We are currently selling it for $17 per cubic yard. Right now, we’re running a special that knocks that price down by $2 per cubic yard when you buy ten cubic yards at a time.

Anybody from commercial companies to your normal homeowner would benefit from our locally-sourced Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch.

If you’re ready to get your hands on our organic, locally-sourced Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch.. come down to the Wooder Recycling Center at 6025 Airways Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37421. No appointments are necessary, however we do request that if you are buying more than 60 cubic yards at a time, please give us a heads up. Otherwise, you can show up and we will load you right up. We can load the mulch into your truck, or we also offer delivery.

Delivery cost varies based on your location. Our delivery trucks can carry up to 30 cubic yards of Lumberjacks Eco-Blend Mulch at a time. Reach out to our team for an exact quote on delivery costs.

Yes, we carry single-ground mulch for $10 a cubic yard. Just ask our team for it when you order and we’ll help you out.