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Curbside Pick-Up

Place your order by phone or email, and we’ll make sure to have it ready for you! You’ll be able to simply drive up and pick up your products from Lumberjacks Hardwood Center. We’ll even load up your products for you.

Lumber Delivery

Transporting your lumber might not be feasible. When you need your wood brought to your jobsite, Lumberjacks Hardwood Center is happy to offer delivery services.

Surfacing and Flattening

At our hardwood center, we offer professional flattening and surfacing services to transform rough lumber into smooth, ready-to-use pieces. Our planer efficiently thickness planes and surfaces lumber, taking it from its rough state as it comes off the sawmill to the initial smoothing phase, akin to an 80 grit sanding. Additionally, our planer aids in eliminating minor cupping in boards and slabs. For more intensive flattening needs, we utilize our slabimizer, capable of completely removing heavy cupping and twists to flatten boards, slabs, and tabletops. This versatile tool also doubles as a sanding option, allowing for finish sanding to finer grits, ensuring impeccable results for your woodworking projects.


From Inspiration to Installation

Crafting excellence together from your first step to the last plank laid.

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Let's discover your vision, understand your goals and help you plan for any project.


We’ll tailor options to your unique needs, while considering beauty, durability, and budget.


Explore custom cuts, finishes and treatments to bring your vision to life – let’s get every detail just right.


We offer delivery services ensuring your lumber makes it to where it needs to go.

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Contact us for lumber availability, pricing, delivery, and special orders.

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