Lumberjacks Feature: Local 3 News

Recently, Lumberjacks was featured on Local 3 News, highlighting our award-winning business and longstanding dedication to our customers and community. 


Since 2012, the Lumberjacks brand has focused on providing safe and efficient solutions to customers in the Chattanooga area. Founded on the principles of being transparent and trustworthy, both Lumberjacks Tree Service and Lumberjacks Hardwood Center strive to give our customers the absolute best level of service possible. 


In 2023, we expanded our brand to include Lumberjacks Hardwood Center, recently known as Chattanooga Hardwood. 


At Lumberjacks Hardwood Center, we offer:

  • Hardwood lumber
  • Live edge slabs
  • Mantles
  • One-of-a-kind pieces
  • Double and single-blend mulch
  • And more!


At Lumberjacks Tree Service we focus on:

  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Land clearing
  • Lumber  
  • And sawmill sales 


Whether you have a dead tree that needs to be cut down, land that needs to be prepared for building, or you need a wide range of hardwood species and products to meet any need, we can provide a quality solution at a fair price. 


Watch the full interview with WRCB here!