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I love the addition over our garage! We have more room to spread out and entertain guests. Thank you to the Mike Garcia team for a job well done!


Exceptional service! I’m a first time customer and the gentleman walked me through the whole place and showed me what services they provide. Great prices on lumber and lots of expertise. Its great to know that some of these guys do woodworking so they really know what they are doing. I WILL be back!

Christian Diaz

Staff was very pleasant helpful knowledgeable what they were selling me to create our kave bar we are building in Rome Georgia. Prices were within our ballpark helping us maintain our maintain our budgets unbuild out thank you much for our help we’ll be sharing our bar with you as soon as we finish building it.

James Gravedoni

Red oak yes exotic hardwood like Ipe no. Off main but a little hard to spot the business. Cut and planed my small order (about $150 of red oak) to my specs. in a slightly dark old warehouse. Had a lot of oak to choose from. Rejected one board they cut with a knot. No problem. They were pleasant enough, these were slightly rough shop workmen not polished sales professionals but they knew how to pick planks, cut and plane wood just fine. I liked the place. They did not stock some Brazilian hardwood which I needed, they would have to order. I drove to Atlanta for the Ipe instead.

William Hurst

I love this place! People are friendly and helpful. They also have a veteran’s discount! I get my slabs for my live edge resin pieces here. Beautiful selection! The place has to be one of the older buildings in Chattanooga, but don’t let the appearance scare ya! Walk on in!

Eliza Logan

Beautiful piece of wood, great price, nice people. Thanks for the help Shawn. Hey, the pictures of the piece of African Mahogany that I bought from you guys has more than 500 views. Thanks again for the help!

Glen Fitton

I visit here often to find a variety of good quality hardwoods at reasonable prices. They also work with you on planing services and other reasonable sizing requests for lumber needs you may have. Definitely recommend.

Josiah Lee

Good selection, good prices. Only complaint was my wood was the amount of sap leaking from my “kiln dried” cedar. This amount of sap should not happen when properly kiln dried. Be careful

River Rahe

Great service and prices. Been looking for a good supplier and have now found it! Thank you for such a fun experience!

Marianne Danielsen

Great prices great selection Shaun was unbelievable and helping me make a selection. The wood was already plain. He gave me a great deal on two pieces 2 1/2 feet long and I walked out of there. Another satisfied, Lumberjack customer. He even lug the chunks of lumber, which were absolutely beautiful, and put them lovingly in the trunk of my car. I love Lumberjack they even took down several trees in my yard over the last few years, great service incredible prices. And everything‘s done with flare.

Keith Fawcett

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